ponedeljek, 30. julij 2007

Hiking around Bayerische variant from Bayerisch Eisenstein to Marktredewitz, July 2007

Three friends Damjan, Janez and Miha took away with train to München in 21th July 2007. We intended to walk the Bayerische variant from Bayerisch Eisenstein to Marktredewitz from 22th July 2007 to 29th July 2007. I must say that Damjan had a different plan as I and Miha. He walked from Bayerische Eisenstein to Furth in Wald some years ago, so he went in Furth im Wald. I and Miha went In Bayerische Eisenstein. In continuation I will speak mostly about our hiking.

In Saturday, 21th July 2007, the train, which we drove against the Bayerische Eisenstein, is very interesting in second part of our travel because it went through the thick forest. It was only way for train.

Bayerische Eisenstein is mountain village on the border with Czech Republic. It is very tourist with many hotels, rooms, pubs, sport shops etc. We slept in Hotel-Pension Bellevue which lies a little above the village on the hill. Of course, it has also the European long distance footpath E6 as Slovenia. Therefore we were there.

In the evening we ate the Bavarian dishes in their pub which is almost in center of village. We had also occasion that we watched mountains about the Bayerisch Eisenstein. These mountains are very noticeable from village because the higest mountain Große Arber decorates a television tower. We knew that we had to went on it the next day.

In Sunday, 22th July 2007 we waked up in the rainy day. Because hikers don't walk only in fine weather we started our hikes around the Bavarian land. First we had to find the signs which were the green triangle.

When we found the signs we walked only behind them. First we hiked round the wet asphalt and macadam routes. We walk also by the lonely houses. All of these completed when we came on the mountain route. This mountain route was specific for me because on its lay the much of stones which were very compact. They neither big nor small. On this time by its flowed the much of water. It change in a small stream. Between way was particularly noticeably Großer Arber lake that it was in the middle of the way to Arber.

Finally we arrived on the Große Arber after a few hours of walk. The mountain was in clouds and it was rained. We entered in cottage. There were a lot of mountaineering, some nordic walkers and hikers. Here we got very important information. The route E6 was not transitional from Große Arber to Köttinger hütte for of demolished trees. In this area the big storm Kiril was knocking trees in February 2007.

In the cottage we got an advice that we went by route under E6 in direction of Schareben. On this way we saw a very lot of logs which they lied by edge of routes.

For more than 10 km of walk we came again on sign route with green triangel. We were able to walk easely again. Forest was not demolished. It was a nice look. We went by summit Mühlriegel. It had a small hut with interesting metallically plate to drawning the summits and valy around.

We arrivaled on pass with motorway and with hotel Eck where you can eat, drink and sleep. Here we had to turned in hill above the hotel.

We rose up by the steep ski slope against the summit Große Riedelstein. The summit presents the hreap of rocks which lift in sky.

We knew that we were in the near of cottage Kötzingerhütte. It was only question of time when we will see its in first time. It was happend. But in moment of our visibility the cottage it was still remote. We were not happy for this fact.

When you see a certain object it is not so far. We accessed the cottage soon. It was a nice cottage with kindly caretaker. We got everything what we needed: food, drink and room. It was the end of our first stage from Bayerisch Eisenstein to Kötzinger hütte.

In second day of hiking we had to came in our first city named Furth im Wald. This mean that we went from mountains on Czech board to the plain.

We let off accross the extensive forests. On some places we found a work of art such as bird. I didn't like the stones on the route because I had to pay attention for sprains of legs.

Finally we came in the plain round a steep slope. There were a rail station, a railway line, a stream and a bridge. Settlement Grafen - Wiesen was in the near.

We have walked by asphalt routes for some time. We have already seen a higer hill with tower in background, where we had to climb.

The route started to climb. First we went in the near of village by asphalt route until in came in forest. Here it went the steeply upwards. In the middle of the route we arrivaled to the hunting lodges where we poureded the water in our bottles. The water was very cold.

By one hours of ascent we came on asphalt road the top of hill. Hill names Hohen Bogen. The pub was right on pass. The people sat for tables and they ate and drunk something. A kind young waitress served us too. We ate a beef, patatos and salad and we drunk the apple juice with water. This day was thirst the large because of heat.

But of rising wasn't the end. We had to come the televison tower where we were able to see the first time our end of hiking of this day. The town was named Furth im Wald.

As you can see from upper picture we had to drop by stone forest route against town. When we came in the plain we had to walk around 3 kilometrs by forest route. At least we arrivaled to first houses of Furth im Wald.

For twenty minutes of walk we came in the center of town.

I bought the USB cabel in one of the electro shop in town. Then we searched the hotel where we slept those nights. We found the best hotel in town near the raile station. The whole night were thunderstorms.

In Tuesday we had to get up early because of rainy weather. In 5:30 p. m. was also wetly. We went from hotel by umbrellas to the meadow and fields. When we started to climb toward the hill behind the Furth im Wald we came on the big golf playground. It was all located on the hill.

Sometimes we walked around the forest routes until we came the old village named Voithenberg. There was a few old buildings such as manor, church, pub etc. Here we had the completely wet shoes.

Behind village started an ascent toward the Czech board. We came to the first summits named Reiseck. It was on rock in forest.

Second summits was named Dreiwappen.

On our march we went several time to border crossing with Czech Republic. On pictur below is border crossing in the mountains.

In these places are routes for cross country skying in winter. It was able to noticed by infrastructure and by inscriptions.

We descended in village named Althütte where they have a little ski slope too. On the end of village was a figure of motorcyclist.

Again we were walking round the forests, meadows, villages until we came in town Wald München.

In Wald München we bought some for drink and we went forward to Stadlern. It was end of hiking for this day. We walked several hours by forest mostly upwards. We went also by some villages such us Steinlohe, Charlotten.

When we came of the top of hill we didn't see any village. We saw only the huge fields with corn and meadows. We saw letter that village dropped by hill downward.

We found our pubs with rooms quickly. There we were kindly served with food and drink. Also our room where we slept, it was nice.

Again we walked around the hills, by cross borders with Czech Republic, meadows with high grasses, fields. This route was really heavily for walk because of lot of turns, ascents and descents. In one of meadows I jumped in a little hole. I fell suddenly and I felt the wrench right ankle. Fortunataly wrenched righ ankle didn't too bad so I was able to continued by walk.

In the near of town Eslarn where our friend Damjan waited for us more than 3 hours we crossed the animal zoo with wild pigs. I have seen their first time.

When we walked again by forests, meadows and fields until we saw the town Eslarn. We went first by Eslarn the small lake named Atzmann see. Here the E6 route turned the left by lake against the old town named Waidhaus. It didn't go in town Eslarn. It was change the direction. Once it went cross the town Eslarn by other way.

We went in Eslarn that we would meet our friend Damjan. We met him by church. We were very happy that we finally found each other. But here appear the problem of two ways. Damjan like to walk by map and he saw the route on him map and one sign in town. So we first went to this sign but the signs were disapeared forward. I didn't like walk without signs, so I sugested that I would go back to lake and then I would walk around theE6 signs. Damjan and Miha would go by old signs. This was happend.

I had to went cross the big forest, meadows, fields and villages that finally I came to the autobahns for Czhech Republic and later in old town Weidhaus.

I found the nice hotel for sleep in Weidhaus. Damjan and Miha also came in this town but he slept in other room in center of town. We met each other by town church and we went to something to eat and drink.

Damjan decided that he finish his hike by E6 German for this year. So he went to home from Weidhaus. I and Miha started the next stage from Weidhaus to Silberhütte above Bärnau in Wednesday, 25th July 2007.

Above Weidhause we saw the weathervanes for electricity from the near.

Followed the route by forest several hours. There we met one mountain cyclists and one man who something worked in forest. I must say that we didn't meet a lot of people in our 200 km way.

We came first in small village behind the forest named Leß-lohe with the nice hotel named Rastanienhof.

Then we walk round the extensive landscape with meadows, fields and some houses in distance.

We descended in the village Waldheim on the boarder with Czech Republic. In the local pub we got 2 litres of orange juice.

Then we went up to village Georgen - Berg. It has a nice church, a monument of victims 1. and 2. world wars and a tidy football fields.

By walk around of the forest we came to old mill with pub in village named Neudorf.

Followed the way by forest. First we went up. When we came on the top of hill we went up and down until we observed the alone stone masses which are consequence of outbursts of volcano once. On its people built the fortification named Burgruine Schellenberg.

The latest rocky mass on our way was with the cross on its top.


Around 4 p.m we came in Silberhütte where is also center of cross country skiing of Bärnau. We slept in its this day.

In Friday, 27th, July 2007 we started the stage by Silberhütte toward the town Bärnau. We went forby German-Czech board, forest learn ways, meditaion place under tree. All way was downward through the forest.

In morning hours we arrived in town Bärnau.

Then we walked around the meadows, fields and forest with many of small ponds.

We went across the big forest by macadam route which went a little up and down to village Hermanns Reuth. The route was ideal for nordic walking which we use all the our way.

Analogous way was from Hermanns Reuth to Märing.

In Märing we came under road for Czech Republic.

This weekend the former Germans from Czech gathered in Märing, so we got a very difficult a free room. But we found its by Monika Prell in center of town.

Märing has a nice pub with good food and drink named Gasthof Rosenbühl.

In Saturday, 28th July 2007 we wanted to go to Waldsassen. In Märing the E6 leaves the German - Czech board and it go toward the West of country. We walked again by meadows, fields and the mostly by forest until we came the firs village named Altmugl. I must warn about the swamps on this forest. It can be danger. I fell in one of them. On my fortune I fell alone on its edge but my stick sank in whole.

Then we directed to squere Neualbenreuth. When we saw this square we had to go on hill where was toward. We ate there.

After the visit the tower under the Neualbenreuth we went down to square. There we were able to see the old german house which have a wood between the walls.

When we abandoned this square we went again cross the meadows, fields, forest and village named Harteck. There rain started and kindly villager allowed me that I dressed the clothes for rain in his garage. On this location we saw the first time in distance the target of our hiking town Marktredwitz. We had to go cross the forest that we arrivaled the larger town named Waldsassen. Waldsassen have a very big churc, many shops, pubs, hotels, etc.

We slept in hotel beside the church. It was very nice decorat in baroque style.

In Sunday, 29th July 2007 we started our latest stage from Waldsassen to Marktredwitz. In Waldsassen the signs are change more exactly in place Kappel. Before we use yellow-red-yellow signs. From this place we use blue cross on white base.

Here is also is also the large church.

From this place we went to main route against the next square named Konnesreuth. A little before this settlement we saw Marktredwitz again in distance.

We went cross Konnesreuth toward the next village Hain-grün which remont several of kilometers.

Outside of settlement we met the largest group of skavts who went toward Konnesreuth.

By several hours of walk we arrived through forest in village named Hain-grün above the Markrtredwitz. We went in center of Marktredwitz where we found the rail station. We drove with train from this station to München and forward to Kranj or Ljubljana.

We had to go cross the hill down that we came on fringe of Marktredwitz.

Hiking around German E6 from Bayerisch Eisenstein to Marktredwitz was very interesting because I recognized the new places, people and their culture tradition. I also learnt some German language. I saw also their economy. Hiking was technical very difficult beceuse of many houres to walking. We walked around the hills, forests, fields and meadows. For very proprely technique showed the nordic walking.